Dartmoor Plodders

No Retreat-No Surrender


Easiest kit list is in the download above. The below remains as a basic online reference.

Category Items Guidance
To have a separate waterproof lining.  The weight carried should be no more than 1/3rd of the individual's body weight and no more than 13.6 kilos (30lbs)
Walking Kit
Base wicking layer - vest
Middle layer – long sleeve shirt
Boots (ankle support)

Made of substantial material e.g. sweatshirt/microfleece
To be wind resistant

Vibram type sole and in good condition.
Poor Weather
Jacket with hood
Over trousers
Robust and capable of keeping the wearer dry under very wet conditions over an extended period
Recommended to provide additional waterproofing.
Ideally waterproof and not fingerless
Cold weather; Warm hat covering ears. 
Warm weather: Sun hat with brim.
Spare Clothing
(To be packed in a waterproof bag/bags)
Base wicking layer - vest
Middle layer shirt/microfleece
Outer insulation layer - fleece
Trousers/thermal long johns

In addition shorts may be carried

Sleeping Kit
Sleeping mat
Sleeping bag (in waterproof bag) 
Bivvy bag (optional)

Thermal insulated & body length.
Three seasons; comfort down to zero degrees C

Rations & Water
Food:  1 1/2 days
Emergency rations
Water:  2ltrs 
Water sterilisation (48 hrs in date)
Eating container, utensil & mug
Matches and toilet paper
2 x snack, 2 x lunch (hot/cold), 1 x eve (hot), 1 x B’fast (hot). Meals should be labelled.
Emergency rations (high energy foodstuffs & hot drink) for extra night clearly marked and in sealed bag.
If platypus is carried a 1 litre water bottle to manage water sterilisation is highly recommended.

Personal Survival Kit
Map (Leader & Navigator)
Personal First Aid kit

LED Head Torch
Pocket knife/tool
Notebook & pencil

At least two per team baseplate min 10 cms
At least two per team
All to be aware of distress/response signals
Pers First Aid to contain: antiseptic hand-wash, blister kit, insect repellent, sun cream, pain relief tablets & personal medication as required.
Spare bty for non LED head torches

  • Team Equipment.  Each Team must carry:

    Category Items Guidance
    Tent Tent x 2 (minimum)
    Shelter for 2 - 3 per tent.  A Bivvy bag alone is not acceptable.
    Bothy bag (or 2 x Survival bag)
    Bothy bag for 6 pax
    Useful if poor conditions anticipated or a min of 2 x survival/bivvy bags per team.
    Stove x 2
    Fuel Containers x 2
    Cooking utensils
    Tin opener
    To be clean.  If using gas a spare gas container to be carried.
    Robust with a secure stopper

    Toilet Trowel
    x 2
    For use in emergency
    First Aid Pack
    x 2
    All Team members to be aware of how to use contents of first aid pack, to contain: Zinc Oxide plaster (2.5 cm wide), 2 x 10 cm wide bandages, 2 x triangular bandages, 2 x Melolin gauze dressings, antiseptic wipes, and blunt-nosed scissors.
  • Manfred Mann - Do Wah Diddy
    Simply the Best of the 60's (CD1)