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New members are always welcome!

Primarily we are dedicated to training for Ten Tors at all levels,and the fee for this is yet to be confirmed for this year.This fee covers your training period but cannot guarantee a team place-That part is up to the individual! Following payment you will receive  your Dartmoor Plodders polo shirt. Following new safety measures introduced by the Ten Tors Committee,part of this fee allows for the hire of an electronic tracking system now mandatory for all teams training for this event.

We base our final selection on many things including attendance,dedication,ability and the willingness to be a part of a close knit and effective team.Throughout the training period(September-May) a participant can expect to experience all of the above at first hand,along with some challenging situations both planned by the management team,and with input from Dartmoor herself.

Our aim is to bring each person to the peak of their ability in readiness for their Ten Tors Experience, both as an individual and as part of a team of 6 people.After the initial training stage we aim to bring a team together who will endure through all that training has to offer, together,and effectively,using the skills and principles taught as an ongoing theme throughout training.

Although Ten Tors is our main and most popular focus,we enter various other youth walking events throughout the season,all of which are open to all members,whether or not they are selected for Ten Tors itself.These events carry their own entry fees,as do certain parts of training such as residentials and fun days which are spread across the whole year.Non members may also participate in these events, although charges are discounted for full members.

Our expectations are high since the demands of most of these events are high too,for this reason we take the job of training seriously as we believe this forms an important part of a young persons emotional,physical and mental development.Skills and lessons learnt here,will go through life with an individual,as will the bonds of friendship formed within the Dartmoor Plodders.

It is worth a mention here that, in the majority of cases,a participants academic and intra-personal abilities show marked improvement despite the rigorous demands of our training regime.

Please feel free to contact Huck (Huccaby) on 07527468003 or via email at dartmoor.plodders@yahoo.com with any queries

All New entrants should download and print the form below,and return it as soon as possible to;

Dartmoor Plodders,18 Westhill,Wembury Point,Plymouth,PL9 0BA

2020 Membership

Membership for this year will be £110, and is due by January 12th 2020. After this date it will be £130.
Each £10 you have paid for a 'taster walk' goes towards the membership fee, should you wish to take up membership. If you are unsure of what you are expected to pay, please contact Huck.

Membership includes... 
-Reduced entry to most events.
-The right to wear a Plodders T-Shirt for all eternity.
-Eligibility to be selected for a Dartmoor Plodders Ten Tors team.
-A Plodders T-Shirt

What it actually covers...
-Ensuring Plodders Team Kit is kept in good condition and replacing and repairing when required
-Cost of a T-shirt
-Covering Insurance costs
-Ten Tors Entry Fees.

Please note that membership does not guarantee a Ten Tors team place. This must be earn't on merit, attendance, team skills and walking ability and many other criteria.

The Dartmoor Plodders is a NON-PROFIT organisation, and every penny is reinvested to improve the experience for members.
In fact over the past 15 years Stuart and Huck have both supported Plodders finances heavily, and not always received everything back. This has graciously been done due to the FACT that we both know it is a beyond fantastic LIFE experience for all.

"Are we preparing for a life of tests, or the tests of life?"
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