Dartmoor Plodders

No Retreat-No Surrender

Winter Training Residential

Start - Friday 22nd November 2019  1900
Finish - Sunday 24th November 2019  1400
Location - Yelverton Church Carpark
Minibus - Friday Only. See below.
Weekend Cost - ¬£30 
Deadline - Friday 22nd November 2019(Preferably before though!)

About the weekend.

This weekend is both fantastic fun and very informative for all mileages, and is considered just as important as the training walks.
We will use the time we have to great effect learning important skills and information into the heads of all participants, refreshing current knowledge, and developing it further.
We will be concentrating on campcraft and teamwork for the majority of the time.
The weekend will also give us a chance to pass on imperative information about the Ten Tors Event in May.
Rest assured however, it will not be all work, there will be ample time for fun and games, along with campfires, singing(musical instruments welcome, at your own risk), and obviously traditional Plodders Warmups.
We provide hearty meals at choice times throughout the weekend, and there will be a free table(populated by brought food) and snacks are recommended for around campfires. If there are any special requirements food wise, please let Huck know ASAP.

Training Weekend Kit.

-Full Walking Kit(Or as much as you have if you are NEW(and only if you are new))
-Changes of Clothes for 3 Days
-Spare Clothes for those that 'fall' over into mud
-Warm clothes for the cold wintery evenings
-Pillow(not required by true Plodders)
-Cuddly Toy
-Eating things(Bowl, Plate, cutlery)
-Musical Instrument(Optional, and at your own risk)
-Personal administration kit, comprising teeth cleaning tools, face, neck and behind the ears scrubbing brush or similar, a towel large enough to be of practical use
-Sleeping bag
-Note pad and writing stick
-Minimum of 5 strong plastic rubbish sacks-For containing laundry and wet clothing etc 
-A cake, biscuits or nice edible thing of your choice. These items go to the free table and will be available at all times to nibble on, fawn over and generally stuff yourself with between, during and after regular feeding trough times
-A healthy appetite. 
-Anything else I have forgotten ( Don't come whining to me saying I didn't tell you )

Further to the kit below, you will also be required to have...

- One evening meal each, as you might carry on a walk*
- A fully equipped Personal First Aid Kit** 

*You should discuss with your team what you are going to eat at camp. WE recommend something that is in a container that can be placed and cooked in boiling water, in order to reduce washing up... to none! Suitable items include Wafarer Pouches, or their much tastier(and cheaper) alternative "Look What We Found" pouches. LookWhatWeFound

** This should include the following items - Sun Cream, Insect Repellant, Pain Relief(Ibprofen/Paracetamol), Hand wash, Blister kit

We have been given the use of a minibus for Friday by Plymstock School. Now, there are limited seats, so if you wish to have a seat, please text Huck ASAP. We have to operate first come first served. 

Pickup - Plymstock School
Time - 1815

¬£2 fuel contribution please. 

Please don't be late, because we won't wait!