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Ten Tors Training 2022

Ten Tors is scheduled to be back with a vengeance for 2022, and our training starts soon. For those that are new to the Dartmoor Plodders, Welcome, for those returning, Welcome Back..

All of our main training walks are listed on the 'dates' page. 

If you use google calendar, feel free to let Huck have your email.

In addition to the main training walks, this year we hope to introduce a few evening classes. This will add to the value of your Ten Tors experience, and help us get as much information to you as possible. Some of these sessions will be open to parents too! 

The next step is to attend the Taster Walks. Each Taster walk will aim to introduce new skills and areas of focus. The Taster Walks form part of our Training program, and as we say a lot - attendance is key. 

At the start of the Taster Walk, we will be doing an information brief, along with questions for new folk.

taster walk 1

So here we are, preparing for the first Taster Walk of the 2022 training season. The first Taster walk will be a general overview of some skills and experiences you will learn throughout training. 

Before we get out onto the Moor, there will be an informational briefing, where we will answer all of your questions. It is intended that Parents will stay for this briefing, and there will be ample opportunity for questions.

After the briefing, youngsters will head out on a days adventuring, and parents will be released until pickup at the end of the day.

The cost of £20 will be deducted from the Membership cost if you proceed.

Please bring with you a FILLED OUT 2022 Membership Form.

Returning members are expected to carry FULL KIT.

Date – Sunday 14th November 2021

Start Time – 0730hrs

End Time – 1600hrs 

Start – Princetown Main Carpark (Look for a Banner)

Finish - Fox Tor Cafe, Princetown

Cost - £20


If you are displaying any Covid symptoms, or have been in contact with Covid at all in the 2 weeks prior to the walk, please let us know and DO NOT attend. 

New and potential members please bring the following.

  • Walking Boots, or Stout, supportive footwear
  • Rucksack(biggest you have, even if you can't fill it yet
  • Waterproof Jacket(It will rain)
  • Change of Clothes
  • Warm Fleece
  • Packed Lunch - include some extra snacks
  • Minimum 2L of water
It is advised that you do not wear jeans, or anything that you don't want to get dirty. Dartmoor tends to be muddy and wet.


I am pleased to announce that we have in production some more Supporters T-Shirts. A shirt any Dartmoor Plodder supporter can buy, and feel just as proud as the youngsters whom where their very own Dartmoor Plodders shirts. You can join the party even moor now! 

Supporters shirts are 'Plodders Size'. They fit most(not me though...). 

They can be purchased at £20 each.
We have added a Donate button to our website. This is completely optional and has been added after it has been requested.

If you have any request as to how the Dartmoor Plodders invest your donation, please indicate it in a 'note'.
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